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SIBE SWED-FOG® HP High Pressure humidification system consists of humidification units, a controller and a high pressure pump station. The system operates with softened and/or de-mineralised water under high pressure (50-70 bars). The pressure breaks up the water into a fine water mist, particle size 10-15my.

The water mist is distributed with the help of an integral fan, which will carry the water mist untill all water is completely absorbed by the air. The system is constructed with high quality and corrosion proof materials.

The system is constructed with high quality and corrosion proof materials.

Very low energy consumption. The high pressure technology is, without comparison, the least energy consuming of all humidification systems avaliable on the market.

Energy consumption
High Pressure 10 W/kg of water

Control system
SIBE SWED-FOG® Hp humidifiers is delivered with a micro-processor based time-proportioning control system. Typical control accuracy of the system is +-3% rH.

Pump stations.
All high pressure pump in the SIBE SWED-FOG® range is specially constructed for humidification purposes. The pumps are delivered pre-assembled with necsecarry filters, regulators, gauges, pressure balancing valves etc.

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